The Sheikh’s Reluctant Bride

May 27, 2009


Jessica Sterling has just discovered a shocking, life-changing secret.
In the desert kingdom of Bha’Khar lives the family she never knew she had!

It’s a Harlequin romance novel translated into Japanese, into Manga, back to English, then ported to the iPhone.

The comic viewer takes you through the story panel by panel, panning around the larger scenes.  This is a pretty smooth way of viewing comics, until you want to go back a scene and discover you cannot (well, I couldn’t).


"Gulp" indeed, Jessica

Subsequent chapters are $2.99! Someone write in and tell me the end of the thrilling story.  If anyone translates some decent Manga to this format I’ll give it a look – the manga format is ideal for reading on the go.  Salary Man Kintaro please?

Rating (the manga viewer, not the story): smooth, but needs clearer navigation options – or any navigation options at all. Not recommended.
Price: Free
Buy it: Store link
Version: 1.1 | Size: 6.9MB