The sky is #ccc: ColorBlind Avenger

June 21, 2009

I wanted a simple app for determining the colour values of things I photograph, so I could steal colours from nature to use in web designs.

I wasted a bit of time with Think Ink (free) but it doesn’t do the hex values, and keeps trying to sell me “Neenah paper”, whatever that is.

Although intended primarily for colour-blind users, I’ve found that ColourBlind Avenger does exactly what I want, simply and quickly.  As a bonus, it also gives you the plain English name for many shades, which is fun.

The developer describes the genesis of the app here:

The basic idea is that you can take a picture of anything and then tap anywhere on the image to get color values and more importantly color names for that point. I first found out that I’m colorblind when I colored Santa Claus brown in Kindergarden. Those darn crayons with labels torn off.

Rating: Recommended app. Excellent for people with colour-blindness, web designers, decorators.

Store link : £0.59

Developer: Brian Wardle | Version: 1.1  | Size: 0.3 MB


For extra fun, run the HEX value of your chosen colour into Kuler from Adobe, and voila, a fun swatch:

Swatch by kuler, colour by OxfordBus.Co.

Swatch by kuler, colour by OxfordBus.Co.

Review by JimbobC

ps if you want something a bit more full-featured, for a higher price, check out cliqcliq, which looks slick.