I want one: BeBot, the musical synth app

May 31, 2009

Watch the video:

This thing looks like the most complete musical instrument (disguised as a toy) to appear so far. £1.19 seems a small price to pay for becoming the new Ray Lynch or Vangelis.

2 small problem blocking me from musical stardom:

  • Sound is still broken on my phone;
  • I’m crap at music.

The normalware.com website has a nice manual for the app, but sadly it does not include instructions on how to acquire musical talent.  Hopefully there will be a flood of tutorial videos once this app takes over the world.

More from the app store:

Bebot is a feature-packed, polyphonic musical synthesizer with a unique multitouch control method, personified on-screen as an adorable animated robot character who moves and sings the notes while you play.

Featuring four different synthesis modes, juicy analog-sounding filters, a versatile delay/looping effect and overdrive distortion, Bebot is a full-fledged realtime synthesizer, offering a wide range of sounds and a high degree of control via the multitouch screen.

Up to four notes can be played and controlled simultaneously using multiple fingers. The note grid display, autotune system and user-programmable scales help you to play in tune with ease. Don’t just listen to your iPod music – play along! Or simply have fun making noises with your fingers, and let the cartoon robot entertain you and your friends.

Verdict: why oh why haven’t I replaced my phone yet
: 1.5, 1MB
iTunes store link (iTunes rating: 4 star, 100 reviews)