Yodel like a pro – “U 2 can yodel”

July 23, 2009

Is there an itch that the iPhone app store cannot scratch? Looking for the music from Raising Arizona, I went off on a Google fugue  that led me to this gem of an app: U 2 can Yodel.

The app takes you through a detailed yodeling tutorial, including a record-and-playback feature, then on to a “yodeloke” where you can sing along with a professional yodeler, and a free-style section.
The app is highly usable and very engaging, largely thanks to the charming animated backdrops and easter eggs (well, egg).

Yodeling is supplied by Kerry Christensen, Master Yodeller (who has a CD by the same name). I’m not an expert on yodeling, but boy, he sure can yodel.

There has to be a fascinating back-story to this app, particularly since it is free – the production values are so high that this must either be:

  • a “free for a while” app – until yodeling becomes a world-wide craze and they can charge mad bank for it;
  • secretly financed by a Swiss yodeling / illuminati cabal intent on world domination via yodel-mediated sonic mind control.

Don’t be  disappointed that it isn’t Bono in leiderhosen yodeling – this is even better.

Tested on: iPhone 3Gs || Price: Free.

Rating: it’s yo-de-lo-dee-yo-dee-lo-de-licious! Recommended.

ps: the owner is listed as http://playvisions.com – who don’t mention it on their site, but who do have awesome toys.  The developers are www.substantial.com, who clearly know how to make an app engaging – one to watch out for.

Bonus yodel video feat. Kerry Christiensen:


I want one: BeBot, the musical synth app

May 31, 2009

Watch the video:

This thing looks like the most complete musical instrument (disguised as a toy) to appear so far. £1.19 seems a small price to pay for becoming the new Ray Lynch or Vangelis.

2 small problem blocking me from musical stardom:

  • Sound is still broken on my phone;
  • I’m crap at music.

The normalware.com website has a nice manual for the app, but sadly it does not include instructions on how to acquire musical talent.  Hopefully there will be a flood of tutorial videos once this app takes over the world.

More from the app store:

Bebot is a feature-packed, polyphonic musical synthesizer with a unique multitouch control method, personified on-screen as an adorable animated robot character who moves and sings the notes while you play.

Featuring four different synthesis modes, juicy analog-sounding filters, a versatile delay/looping effect and overdrive distortion, Bebot is a full-fledged realtime synthesizer, offering a wide range of sounds and a high degree of control via the multitouch screen.

Up to four notes can be played and controlled simultaneously using multiple fingers. The note grid display, autotune system and user-programmable scales help you to play in tune with ease. Don’t just listen to your iPod music – play along! Or simply have fun making noises with your fingers, and let the cartoon robot entertain you and your friends.

Verdict: why oh why haven’t I replaced my phone yet
: 1.5, 1MB
iTunes store link (iTunes rating: 4 star, 100 reviews)