Renda: “Measure your blow after blow ability”

The game instructions tell the whole story:

Touch anywhere while 10 seconds.
If 16hits/sec repeatedly is exceeded, it is a game player of the first class!

In other words, tap madly at the screen as fast as possible for ten seconds, then brag about it.

Renda is not just for fans of Engrish and Repetitive Strain Injury: we all got briefly obsessed with it, even to the extent of neglecting the mighty Peggle.

Interoffice Renda competition results:

  1. Ed in the lead with  12.8
  2. James with 7
  3. Steph with 0 (too scared)
Ed's unbeatable score

Ed's unbeatable score

Rating: pointlessness raised to an artform. Recommended.

Version: 1.0 | Size: 0.0MB (?) | Tested on: iPhone 3G, 2.2.1
Price: Free  |  Developer:

Get it: iTunes link


One Response to Renda: “Measure your blow after blow ability”

  1. MrW says:

    It’s like pressing 1++ and then = repeatedly on a calculator in a secondary school class when you’re bored…except it’ on an iPhone, with Engrish.

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