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Why you need it

I am slightly obsessed with weather. I find it very important to know not just the extended forecast, but how much of a chance there is of a rain, what time the sun will rise/set and what the windchill factor. If this sounds good to you, you need to get Weather Pro (£2.39)!

We all know the standard pre-loaded weather app is rather…useless (that is if you agreed with the previous paragraph!). I needed something a lot more detailed and I was getting tired of the BBC’s bizarro take on local weather (i.e. what do you mean it’s sunny?!).

I randomly came across Weather Pro and after seeing such good reviews for it (4/5 stars on appstore) I decided to fork the £2.39 for it. I have not been let down!

First thing you need to know, is Weather Pro is based in Germany so European forecasts are very accurate. They also claim to have an accurate view of the USA.

Get forecasting

Like most of these apps, to get going you search for a place (which you can add as favourite) and check out its forecast. Weather Pro can also you see your iPhone’s GPS to locate places around you–a feature which really highlights how specific Weather Pro is. Using the GPS finder in Oxford brought back the following areas in order of proximity:  Oxford, Abingdon, Kidlington, Woodstock and Wallingford. It’s the sort of feature that makes Weather Pro good value for money.

Weather Pro’s main place of interest screen gives you the current weather (to the nearest top of the hour). This includes temperature, wind speed/direction, weather icon and a slew of other information, including pressure and wind chill. Scrolling downwards reveals a quick snapshot of the weather throughout the rest of the week (including today’s forecast). Tapping a new day brings up the weather for that day in 3 hour chunks.

Back on the first screen, tapping a graph button brings up 6 different graphs with detailed information about various weekly statistics: temperature, precipitation risk, pressure, sunshine duration, humidity and wind.

User experience and extra features

The interface is slick and very iPhone friendly. The developers have managed to pack in a lot of information without making it impossible discern one thing from another. There’s good use of colour and icons.

There is also a bottom menu bar that iPhone will be familiar with. A couple great features Weather Pro has included are held here. They are Radar and Satellite. Tapping Radar brings up a map of the country/region you are in (UK and ROI in our case) and shows the precipitation concentrations of the last few hours. Satellite takes a slightly wider view (Europe in our case) and shows the cloud movements of the last few hours. Both features have a playback function showing you the actual movements of rain/cloud cover.  A red dot always shows you your current location.

Bottom line

Most importantly though, Weather Pro has proved to be very accurate and adaptable, It is constantly updating itself so you can be confident of having the most up to date weather. For instance, at the end of the day the max daily temperature is likely to have changed and Weather Pro takes that into account, allowing you to correct friends who have relied a morning forecast. har har!

Weather Pro is very quick to update over wi-fi and 3G, but also works in good time over GPRS.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to check the weather several times a day, this is the only app for you!

iTunes store link for Weather Pro for iPhone | Developer site: MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH

Version: 1.4 | Size: 4.9MB |vTested on: iPhone 3G, 2.2.1 | Works on: iPhone 3G with 2.2 software update


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