iCraig – so-so for sofas, but lacks laughs

iCraig: a  dedicated app for browsing craigslist.

Price: free |  Version: 1 | Developer: Splashdata

Is it useful?  Depends where you live. Craigslist is well establised in America, and in the UK it has a healthy showing in London at least. But in our provincial city there is practically zero uptake. Would it find me a sofa in Oxford?


Hmmm, no. Lots of Scientology magazines, no sofa! [ Note: we re-ran this test after publication and this time a sofa did appear, without the spam. Must have been a hiccup – ed]

iCraig is very much cut-down from the craiglist website, restricted to some of the mainstream Craigslist catagories.
Which means we are missing out on the entertainment of Craigslist – the psychological voyeurism of reading “rants and raves” (warning, usually racist / stupid), the comedy and tragedy of Missed Connections, and the overall wtf factor (NSFW).

Furthermore, iCraig does not have the “flag this post as spam / porn / etc” function, so you can’t be a good craigizen with this app.

Worst of all, you can’t post. So no selling on the go.

So what do you gain over just using the web version? Well, Bookmark lets you save particular searchs for quick retrieval – meaning you can quickly re-run that sofa search when on the go.  But there must be a web service that could notify you of changes to particular searches, surely?

iCraig does give you some speed advantages over using the website (at least if you are on 3g), in exchange for far less functionality and less entertainment. ]

Alternatives: goCraigsy (pay), Craigster (pay). Both let you post items.


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