Ghost Camera Lite

This review is haunted! By mediocrity.

What they say: “Ghostly photo is great for livening up conversations at parties”.
In a nutshell:
Applies 2 different “spooky” effects to your snaps.

Things this app can do:

1. Put a scary face on things.


2. Put ghost hands on things.


That’s it.

The iPhone application store is stuffed with toy gizmos to add “fun effects” to your shots. I guess this is no worse than “Swap Heads ROFL” or “Tasch master 3000”, but the sheer lameness of the ghost effects elevate this application into the ranks of the truly pointless.

Incidentally, check out appliya’s catalogue for some truly mind-bogglingly low-rent application ideas – Meow Cam has jumped to the top of my “things to check out and see if they are as pointless as they sound” list, surely to become a regular feature.

Longevity: Nil.
: No.
: Free
Version tested:
Paid version: 0.59p, featuring extra ghosts and layout choices.

ITunes Link (please don’t)


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