Darkroom. Stabilise your photos.

A short review for a simple concept: this app lets you take less blurry photos when shooting in low light on the iPhone, by forcing you to hold still before the shutter will release.

Developer: www.stepcase.com | Version: 2.1 | FREE

It goes like this:

1. Fire up the application.
2. Take photo.
3. A countdown starts

4. Once the sensor detects that you are relativly not-moving, it takes a picture (and automatically saved if you’ve enabled that option).

Any downside? Some users have complained that the app is slow at saving photos, and freeze-ups – these are both complaints that I could level at the default iPhone camera, but so far I have not experienced this in Darkroom.

The pro version includes a self-timer mode, and a bigger shutter release button (the whole screen), and costs 99c.

Other camera apps include similar functionality, but I like this one becuase it is single-serving: it does one thing, and it does it well.
Test shot:Mike Kus, senior designer at Carsonified at Oxford Geek Night, in a dark room
Recommended: simple to use and genuinely useful.

Longevity: Good

Tested on: iPhone 3G, 2.2.1 | Size: 0.1MB


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